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In Uttar Pradesh, all major rivers of Terai region continue to flow either above or near the danger mark due to continuous rain in upper Himalayan reaches and excess water release from barrages. A total of 52 Tehsils of 20 districts and over 800 villages …

ANNFSU (Revolutionary) protests against Tilathi attack

Posted on: Saturday, Jul 30, 2016

ANNFSU (Revolutionary) Coordinator Narendra Neupane, said that the demonstration by Tilathi folks against intervention of Indian side has now proved that the Madhesi people stand against India. Students close to ANNFSU (Revolutionary) had participated in …

Himalayan Times
Madhesi leaders softer on joining new govt
The Kathmandu Post
Jul 30, 2016- Some Madhesi leaders have hinted at the possibility of joining the new government if the NC and the CPN (Maoist Centre) made a written commitment to addressing their demands pertaining to the constitution. Madhesi leaders said they would
My Republica – Madhesi Front not to join new govt: MahatoRepublica

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Nepal after Lanka: India in the game of regime change

Posted on: Saturday, Jul 30, 2016

Through all these, including the violent Madhesi agitation, his coalition partner, the Maoists led by Prachanda, were waiting to pull the rug from under his feet. With Prachanda willing and the Nepali Congress biding time to play king-maker, toppling Oli …

Amend constitution to meet Madhesis’ demands: Mahato

Posted on: Saturday, Jul 30, 2016

Sadbhawana Party Chairperson Rajendra Mahato said the United Democratic Madhesi Front would not join the government until the constitution was amended to meet UDMF’s 11-point demands. Speaking at an interaction organised by Reporters Club here today …

UDMF for halting LBRC’s functioning

Posted on: Friday, Jul 29, 2016

Leaders associated with the United Democratic Madhesi Front are of the view that they should mount pressure to halt the functioning of Local Bodies Restructuring Commission. According to Nepal Sadbhawna Party Chair Anil Kumar Jha, today’s meeting of the …

State has two lakh monkeys

Posted on: Friday, Jul 29, 2016

As per the census data, the Terai forest division has recorded 9,963 monkeys whereas Almora forest division has 9,477 monkeys. Similarly, the Jim Corbett National Park has nearly 12,000 monkeys whereas elephant famous Rajaji Tiger Reserve has 4,600 monkeys.

Vinod Sahni and Arjun Narayan BJP took oath in Maithili – www …
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पटना. बिहार विधान परिषद के प्रथम दिन सात नवनिर्वाचित सदस्यों को शुक्रवार को सदन में शपथ दिलायी गई। परिषद के सभापति …

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Rebooting in Kathmandu

Posted on: Friday, Jul 29, 2016

The NC and the CPN(M-C) have also shown a greater inclination to address the other knotty issue — the federalist aspirations of Madhesi, Janajati and Tharu … igniting protests in the Terai. Besides, his government’s recourse to jingoism and the …

Kathmandu, Jul 29: A senior leader has hinted that the agitating Madhesi parties may join Nepal’s new government if their demands are addressed. “The United Democratic Madhesi Front may join the new government if we get commitment of fulfilling our …

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