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Unity in adversity

Posted on: Monday, Aug 14, 2017

Significantly, after the earthquakes, the Madhesi people, apart from the Madhesi diaspora, had done all they could to provide relief materials to their brethren in the hills and mountain regions. Where is that spirit on the part of our brethren in the …

“Our ethnic group, ‘Madhesi,’ was inspired strongly at that time not to stand as candidates. I was waiting for this moment.” Nepal historically has been divided into two broad ethnic groups: people originating from the hills, and those living in the …

Paudel accuses UML of trying to fragment unity

Posted on: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

He claimed that Nepali Congress was trying its best to take the disgruntled Madhesi forces into confidence. He claimed that NC was the only force in the country capable of resolving all sorts of political problems facing the state. Paudel argued that the …

Unity among six Madheshi parties ‘very soon’

Posted on: Thursday, Apr 13, 2017

According to the source, second rung leaders of the six parties including Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party, Sadbhavana Party, National Madhesh Socialist Party, Madhesi People’s Rights Forum-Republican, Tarai Madhes Sadhbhavana Party and Federal Sadhbhavana …

RPP postpones national unity campaign

Posted on: Wednesday, Mar 8, 2017

Established in February 1993, the Kathmandu Post, Nepal’s first privately owned English broadsheet daily, is today Nepal’s leading English language newspaper, with a daily circulation of 82,000 copies. This makes the Post Nepal’s second-most widely …

Leaders say east-west tour for national unity

Posted on: Monday, Mar 6, 2017

Addressing a mass meeting in Itahari, Sunsari, on Sunday, UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal said some Madhesi leaders were hell bent on amending the constitution “at the behest of foreigners”. He claimed that the planned charter amendments would go against …

The United Democratic Madhesi Front organised a massive rally in Parsa district of Nepal against government’s attempt to announce local poll dates before the Constitution amendment. The Front, consisting of major Madhes-centric parties, believes that the …

Bhattarai stresses unity among parties

Posted on: Saturday, Dec 24, 2016

Let’s discuss it with the UML so that demands raised by the agitating Madhesi, Tharu and other ethnic groups could be incorporated in the bill,” said Bhattarai, who is also former prime minister, at a function in Bharatpur on Friday.

Political parties are still haggling over creating federal states under a new constitution prepared last year, with the Madhesi ethnic minority demanding an autonomous state in the southern plains bordering India. This is opposed by some upper caste …

This is opposed by some upper caste Brahmins living in the hills of the mainly Hindu nation.More than 50 people died during protests in the Madhes, also known as the Tarai, last year while demanding a greater say for the Madhesi community in the government.

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Mithila is an ancient cultural region of South Nepal and North India lying between the lower ranges of the Himalayas and the Ganges River. The Nepal border cuts across the top fringe of this region. The Gandak and Kosi Rivers are rough western and eastern boundaries of Mithila. The Ramayana records a dynastic marriage between Prince Rama of Ayodhya and Sita, the daughter of Raja Janak of Mithila. The town of Janakpur, in the northern Nepali section of Mithila, is believed to be Janak's old capital.