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In March, five protesters were killed and 16 others injured when police used firearms to disperse Madhesi protesters in Saptari district. — HNS

Leader Mahato who is competing in the federal election from the Dhanusha constituency no. 3, went on to say the people of Madhes would in this elections give a lesson to those who deceived them in return to the trust and votes of the Madhesi people.

Similarly, Chairman of Nepal National Employees’ Organization Hari Rawal and Nepal Madhesi Civil Servants’ Organization Bhuwaneshwor Chaudhari also seconded Dhakal and Madai by urging to give voting rights to the government officials to be deployed in polls.

This agreement and compromise has helped assure people of the completion of polls. Tula Narayan Shah is a Madhesi rights and political activist, and executive director of the Nepal Madhesh Foundation. Mukul Humagain and Kabindra Purush Dhakal talked with …

Nepalis will be going to the ballot box without the support of the Madhesi (an ethnic group from the Terai region of Nepal), who are still protesting at their under-representation in the Constitution Government. The Madhesi community has been threatening …

Rights all year round

Posted on: Friday, May 26, 2017

As a member of the rights body, I myself led a probe team when Madhesi protesters were killed in Maleth of Saptari. In 2016, the NHRC addressed the Universal Periodic Review session in Geneva and condemned the rights abuses committed by Nepal’s security …

“The situation is that Dalit should stand up for Dalit, women for women,” he said. “Non Madhesi did not speak against state atrocities against Madhesis, which ultimately harms the rights issues,”A member of Chepang community, Fulmati …

Human Rights Day

Posted on: Friday, Dec 9, 2016

The rights movement of conflict victims and young ex-combatants, Tharu struggle, Madhesi movement and campaigns for secularism, federalism, pluralism, equality and social justice have become marginalised campaigns. A long wait The big players in the name …

अमर उजाला Non Madhesi In Nepal Demand For Their Rights – नेपाल में …अमर उजालानेपाल में बंदी के तीसरे दिन गैर मधेशी उग्र हो गए। बड़ी संख्या में जुटे गैर मधेशियों ने भारतीय झंडे को जलाने का प्रयास …और अधिक »

all the way up to the foothills of Terai and Doors. The Bengal tea plantations first came into existence during the British occupation of India. At that point of time, tea was not organically farmed in India. The British colonisers imported tea plants and …

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