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NC’s proposal for an alliance in limited seats has drawn mixed reaction from the Madhesi parties. While FSFN leaders appear positive on the proposal, RJPN has insisted on the need for a pre-poll alliance. “The pre-poll alliance looks difficult as NC has …

EC proposes holding all elections by Nov 23

Posted on: Saturday, Jul 1, 2017

The third round of local polls is slated for September 18. The ruling parties have promised the dissenting Madhesi forces including the Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal, which boycotted both the phases of local elections, to address their demands of …

Nepal proposes charter change ahead of key polls

Posted on: Tuesday, Apr 11, 2017

Parties representing the Madhesi ethnic group — who have long complained of being marginalised at the ballot box — have refused to take part in elections without an amendment to the constitution, while the largest opposition party has refused to back any …

PM proposes, Madhesi front disposes

Posted on: Thursday, Mar 2, 2017

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal today proposed that if the United Democratic Madhesi Front accepted local level polls, the parties attending today’s meeting could commit that they would not hold provincial and parliamentary polls without ensuring …

LBRC report proposes 719 local bodies

Posted on: Saturday, Jan 7, 2017

We ware in touch with the opposition and the agitating Madhesi parties on this matter,” he added. The PM said the Cabinet was also finalising a document to detail the rights of centre, provinces and local bodies as per the spirit of constitution.

Bhattarai proposes joint struggle with Madhesi Morcha

Posted on: Thursday, Dec 15, 2016

He urged the Madhesi leaders to retaliate against the attempt to perpetuate status quo. “I tried to talk with you [Madhesi leaders] since I have been seeing indications that the proposal would not move ahead,” said a leader privy to the meeting.

Federal Alliance is a grouping of Madhesi parties and ethnic groups that have been launching agitation demanding more rights and representation for the marginalised people. Re-demarcation of the provincial boundary and citizenship issue are the two major …

The government registered the bill in parliament late Tuesday that proposes a second state in southern Nepal where there is large presence of Madhesi ethnic community. Hridesh Tripati of the Terai Madhes Democratic Party said Wednesday it was welcome …

EC proposes 1.5 pc threshold for PR system

Posted on: Tuesday, Aug 9, 2016

However, Gopal Dahit of Tharuhat Terai Party-Nepal said that there should not be any kind of threshold as such a provision bars the small parties from being elected to Parliament. “The threshold provision will only encourage a monopoly of the big parties …

However, the PM is now, criticising foreign friends openly,” Rijal said. He urged the PM to realise that national unity could not be strengthened by scolding the NC and Madhesi parties. Prabhu Shah of UCPN-M criticised the policies and programmes for …

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