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The latest two instances were seen when India and Nepal could not come on the same page over internet access and the rights of Madhesi people. China has provided broadband internet in Nepal now. Over the question of Madhesis when there was huge blockade …

Reassuring the neighbours

Posted on: Sunday, Jul 23, 2017

It is time to pay attention to accommodating and understanding the crux of the Madhesi issue. There are many communities in the Tarai that are voiceless, but the issue obviously gives the impression of being a component of the nation’s transformation.

Reassure neighbours

Posted on: Sunday, Jun 18, 2017

Some of that emotion was productively used towards regime change, like in Sri Lanka. In Nepal, Delhi supported the Madhesi struggle towards equal rights, but watched with concern when former Nepali prime minister K.P. Oli laid a red carpet for the Chinese.

When Nepal promulgated its new constitution in 2015, the Madhesi groups, people of Indian origin, complained that their interests were not considered and started to agitate by creating blockades at border points. Nepal in turn even pointed fingers at India …

Kathmandu, Dec 27: Politically unstable Nepal saw a change in guard in 2016 with ‘Prachanda’ becoming the Prime Minister of the Himalayan nation, but the crisis persists over the new Constitution that sparked violence in Terai region bordering India with …

Friends and neighbours — II

Posted on: Saturday, Dec 17, 2016

All this was undone by the uncompromising attitude of India on the Madhesi question and the longing of the Indian right to see Nepal being restored as a Hindu Rashtra. The secular credentials of the new Constitution coupled with the inept handling of the …

When India plays warm host to good neighbours

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 13, 2016

A year ago, Nepal-India ties had come, quite literally, to a standstill at the border, as India tried to pressure the Koirala government and then the Oli government to amend the Constitution to incorporate Madhesi concerns. Matters came practically to a …

PMO for allowing three neighbours to use Mongla

Posted on: Sunday, Sep 11, 2016

Shame on Indian Tikkiwalas!! Click to expand… That was part of an overall bandh by Terai folk. India had no hand in that. Now post me a link that shows the puny trade remains halted between BD and Nepal? Oh right you can’t. New nepal leader visiting …

Competition should be for various other issues, he said, adding, But not on national security. Taking aim at the protests in Terai, Oli said the new Constitution had not discriminated against anyone. He said the new Constitution could only be amended as …

But it was a certain dent in the relations. Before the relations could recover from Kathmandu’s mishandling of earthquake, the Madhesi uprising paved way for a political turmoil in the Himalayan country. Madhesi – the people of Indian-origin living in …

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