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Maithili Women' || chr(39) ||'s Union distributed hot clothes to childrenदैनिक जागरणमैथिली महिला संघ के तरफ से आयोजित कार्यक्रम में मंगलवार को अंतरज्योति विद्यालय की छात्राओं ने किया कार्यक्रम।और अधिक »

Join us for a hands on experience with Artist Santosh Kumar Das, to understand the art of Mithila Painting. Learn the beauty of lines and strokes and the depth of colour in this workshop and make your own masterpiece! Unlike other Madhubani artists …

The village of Avia Terai in Argentina is surrounded by GMO soy crops. Here, children are born with birth defects and degenerative diseases of unknown origin. One little girl has large brownish-black spots all over her face and body—marks she’s had since …

Children of a lesser India

Posted on: Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016

Thus, in Bengal (West and East), Odisha, Tripura, Assam, Manipur, Mithila, Nepal and other areas of eastern South Asia, which have a mid-April New Year, this is the season of sales and price-cuts. This goes by the contemporary name of Choitro Sale.

Hisao Terai, the principal of a public high school in Osaka, told 600 students that the most important thing for a woman is giving birth to two or more children. Terai emphasized that it is more valuable than building a career and going to college.

Hisao Terai, the head of a public junior high school in the city of Osaka, said at a school assembly with about 600 students on Feb 29, that “the most important thing for a woman is to give birth to two or more children” and it is “more valuable than …

About Mithila

Mithila is an ancient cultural region of South Nepal and North India lying between the lower ranges of the Himalayas and the Ganges River. The Nepal border cuts across the top fringe of this region. The Gandak and Kosi Rivers are rough western and eastern boundaries of Mithila. The Ramayana records a dynastic marriage between Prince Rama of Ayodhya and Sita, the daughter of Raja Janak of Mithila. The town of Janakpur, in the northern Nepali section of Mithila, is believed to be Janak's old capital.