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Mahant Raghunandan Das, the priest of Mithila Bhavan, claimed that all the events related to December 6 were politically motivated. “The hype is more this year because the BJP is in power at the Centre as well as the state,” he said.

Nationalist Maithili refugee remembered on birth anniversary …दैनिक जागरणभोजपुर। भराष्ट्रकवि मैथिली शरण गुप्त की जयंती पर एक समारोह का आयोजन स्थानीय मदन जी का ह 16482511.और अधिक »

News Track Nepal : The first anniversary of the Constitution , the Madhesi parties …News Trackनेपाल: सोमवार को पडोसी देश नेपाल ने अपना संविधान की पहली वर्षगांठ मनाई. इस मौके पर मधेसी दलों द्वारा विरोध प्रदर्शन …नेपाली संविधान दिवस पर मधेशी करेंगे प्रदर्शननवभारत टाइम्ससभी ११ समाचार लेख »

Nepal earthquake anniversary triggers reflection

Posted on: Monday, Apr 25, 2016

India denied responsibility for the blockade and pointed fingers at the Madhesi protestors. Tensions between the two countries rose. Importing medical, earthquake relief supplies, and fuel supplies became nearly impossible. Whereas 300 fuel trucks might …

Nepal finance minister Bishnu Poudel to visit India He said India welcomed the positive steps taken by the Nepalese government to address the concerns of the Indian origin Madhesi community. Rivera: LB Davis, DE Allen expected to start in Super Bowl Again …

About Mithila

Mithila is an ancient cultural region of South Nepal and North India lying between the lower ranges of the Himalayas and the Ganges River. The Nepal border cuts across the top fringe of this region. The Gandak and Kosi Rivers are rough western and eastern boundaries of Mithila. The Ramayana records a dynastic marriage between Prince Rama of Ayodhya and Sita, the daughter of Raja Janak of Mithila. The town of Janakpur, in the northern Nepali section of Mithila, is believed to be Janak's old capital.