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Adim Purakha
This is a Maithili translation of Oriya Novel " Dadi Budha" by Gopinath Mohanty. This work has been translated into Maithili by Binod Bihari Verma and published by Sahitya Akademi ,New Delhi .
The novel deals with the decaying culture of adivasis . It tells the moving story of the disintegration of a tribal community under the impact of modern civilisation .Symbolically,an old,dried date-palm tree,embolises the eternal ancestor,a silent witness to the joys and sorrows of the tribal folk.It stands for the cultural heritage of the tribal people manifest in their rituals and customs.
The novel shows erosion of the traditional adivasi values due to effects of modernization.

Mithila surabhi-ed.Kishor Kumar Jha "Sikkin" vol.2 no.4 Feb-Apr 2002
The number is dedicated to Sahityamaharathi Surendra jha "suman".published by Ankush Samiti,Baheri,Darbhanga.There are a dozen articles on life and works of "Sumanji".Some of them are written by eminent authors like Dr. Ramdev Jha,Pt. Chandranath Mishra 'Amar'and others.This special number is worth preserving.
Karnamrit-ed.Arjun lal karna,Rajnandan lal das and Narayan Pd. Karna vol.xxiii no.89 Jan-Mar 2003
This number is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Surendra Jha'Suman' &Pitambar Pathak.
Karnamrit-ed.Arjun lal karna,Rajnandan lal das and Narayan Pd. Karna vol.xxii no.88 0ct-Dec 2002 Annual Sharadiya no.Contains articles by modern poets, short story writers, essayist and others.
Karnamrit-ed.Arjun lal karna,Rajnandan lal das and Narayan Pd. Karna vol.xxii no.86 Apr.-June 2002.
This is a special number dedicated to the memory of a stalwart organiser of the Maithili movement Late Babu Saheb Choudhary,whose base of activity was Kolkata.He took keen interest in the publication of Maithili books and periodicals like Mithila Darshan& MaithiliDarshan .He was a dramatist and wrote a drama named Kuhesh.He propagated to introduce Maithili language in the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution, movement for separation of Mithila State, issue a postal stamp on Vidyapati,naming north Bihar express as Mithila Express and recognition of Maithili by Sahitya Akademi and many other issues.
He also started Maithili Art Press and was one of the founders of Akhil Bhartiya mithila sangh,Kolkata.
He expired on his birth place at Dularpur(Darbhanga).Maithili world has been bereft of the sevices of a dedicated soldier.
Karnamrit-ed.Arjun lal karna,Rajnandan lal das and Narayan Pd. Karna vol.xxi no.85Jan.-March 2002
The number contains poems,Short stories ,reviews of books by modern writers.Philosophical thoughts of Manipadma as revealed in Anang Kusuma by Binod bihari verma is an important thought provoking article. There is a list of books published in Maithili during 2001 by Manmit .He has taken lots of efforts to gather the facts from various sources.He deserves a pat .

Karnamrit-ed.Arjun lal karna,Rajnandan lal das and Narayan Pd. Karna vol.xxi no.84Oct-Dec. 2001
This is the annual Shardiya number.The front cover displays the imaginery photo of Vidyapati with the theme of Desila vayana sab jan mittha (the sweet local native tongue is liked by everyone)and inside is a befitting article of Sitaram Jha on Mysticism of Vidyapati.Vidyapati was a poet serving as friend ,philosopher and guide to the prince Shiva singh and was patronised by many other rulers of the Oinwar dynasty.Many scholars believe that he was a Panchdevopasak devotee but his many lyrical poems indicate the mysticism which has the influence of Sufism,which had the dominating fervour in the era.
Among the other worth mentioning works are short story of Manipadma,interview of Pitambar Pathak by Laxman Jha 'Sagar',memoirs and letters of late Upendra Doshi by Ramlochan Thakur,Asha Mishra's review of Surendranath jha Sumans memoirs-"Mon Parait Achi',Dr. Damankant jha has written on the important personalities of village- Koilakh,Kirtinarayan mishra has revisited the Mayanand Mishra's poetry and its importance for lyricism.

Karnamrit-ed.Arjun lal karna,Rajnandan lal das and Narayan Pd. Karna vol.xxi no.83 Jul.-Sep. 2001
This quarterly periodical in its 21 years of unabated publication.
has published many special numbers on the eminent writers of Mithila like,Radhakrishnachoudhary(1986),Manipadma(1986 &2000),Kiran(1989),MithilaBibhutiNumber(1992),Jagdip Narayan Choudhary'Dipak"(1993),Srikant mandal(1994), Arasi pd. singh(1997),Prabhas kr. choudhary (1998/99),Yatri(!999),Mahakavi Pt. Laldas(2000) and now on the eminent freedom fighter Sri Narayan Das (1902-1982)Srinarayan das was a member of first,second and third lok sabha (1952-1967).He used to represent Darbhanga electotral constituency.A veteran freedom fighter,active social worker participated in Non-Cooperative movement,suffered imprisonment several times.He devoted himself to the relief work during natural calamities,women's education and eradication of untouchability.He took special interest in the Panchayati raj and co-operative movement.
There are a few good and informative articles by Harishankar Prasad ,Satyanarayan Mallik and Ramanand Renu in this issue of the journal..Surendra Jha 'Suman's elegy is befitting to the birth centenary year of this great freedom fighter of Mithila.

Smarika, 2001-Chetana samiti,Patna ed.Mohan Bharadvaj&Ashok Souvneir published annually on Vidyapati Parva.In its 48th year of its celebration all the articles of this celebrated number are devoted to the economic perspective of Mithila ,its handicrafts,tourism,agricultural prospects and not the least its prospects of Neo-Indusrialisation.

Maithili-Sandesh-ed. Dr. Dhanakar Thakur. Bulletin no.20 (Apr.2002) It is the news bulletin of International Maithili Parishad.It renders information on the condition of Maithili in Nepal also.It has pioneered the movement of the formation of separate Mithila state,inclusion of maithili language in the schedule 8 of Indian constitution,economic development of this poorest region of India and convasses unity among all the inhabitants of this region.It also educates the masses on health matter.
Moreover it gives detailed description of Internatinal Conferences held at various places in India and Nepal.It also codifies the organisational aspect of Maithili movement.
The editor is the Founder president of the National Medicos Organisation.

Khoj-Khabari-ed.Uday ch.Jha'vinod' vol.i no.2 Dec.2001. New quarterly periodical from Chetana samiti,Patna.Ramanand 'renu' describes how and why he wrtes Short stories.Bhimnath jha writes on Jeevakanta's poetry.Satish ch. Jha informs though Patna High court has given its verdict to retain Maithili in the curriculum of teaching at the university level and in the provincial service examination ,the Govt. of Bihar has appealed to the Supreme court to revert its decision.

Bharati- mandan- no.9 ed. Kedar kanan.
Bharati- mandan- no.8 ed. Kedar kanan. This periodical claims to reflect multi dimensional writings in Maithili.This number is dedicated to late poet Kulanand Mishra (1939-2001).The issue will be remembered for memoirs of Sri Mayanand Mishra,Dr. Ramsevak singh's Post- Independence Maithili poetry,Susmita Pathak's mini short story,Dr. Maheshnath mallik's article on health education and Late poet Upendra Doshi's Children's poem. On the whole the magazine provides good and bulky reading material which can compete with the magazine of any Indian literature.
I appreciate the managers and the editor to have published this magazine of such a large budget .
In memory of late poet Upendra Doshi I quote his following poem which has been published in this number:-
Phatakchand phatphatiya lal,Ghar ghar dekhalani ekke hal;
Hakan kanai chhathi natwar lal,kudi kudi chor bajabe gal;
Chamcha sabh bhel male mal,bahira nachay apne tal;
Hansua bam bam khurpi chitang,liya Bidur bhai jhael mirdang;
Bon mein mahua tisi phulang,nachu Nareshji chham,chham,chham;
Bisun bilai Rambhajuak mae,kankhtar larika jhatkal jae;
Sasur kamasut ,beta kasai,doka kankor bichi bichi khae.
Some more children's poem by Doshi:-
Tin Tirhutia terah pak,garhlani bidhna ajabe chak;
Tuk,tuk taki sabkuchh bujhi,manganik dhan par kukura lujhi
Kajak dar san chhul chhul moot,mehnati bha gel baraka bhut;
Latar patar san bharlani kan,Sunnar Jha ker tutalani tang
Banala neta alakhak chaan,kanahi gayak bhinna bathan;
Barad ahan ker badd markhah,mande tirpit kukur kanah;
Ek jana chalate nagar tabah,sabh jan sajjan misar harah;
Das bUjhabathi sabke bodhi,ojha lekhe gam batah.
courtesy-Karnamrit,Kolkata jan-mar 2001
Upendra Doshi(1943-2001) works-Yantranak kshan mein (anthology of poems)
Kavi kokil ke git (collection of songs of Vidyapati)
edited-Dhuri,ProchOdyat.Putus and other Hindi works
Translation-Manoj Das's Oriya Short stories
some of his famous short stories are-Pahil deg,(1978) Tripti(1992),Shunya(!994)Manasthiti Draupadi(1969)Tees (1988) Simmarak Phul,Anhar,Anhar,Anhar; Appan lok(1994) Cirai (1997)
BHORUKBA VOL.1NO,4Dec.2001 ed.Amarnath Jha'amar' p.16,contains poetry and short stories.published from Howrah,Kolkata.

1.(a)Aadim Gulam-by Manipadma
This novelette was published in the journal Chinagi earlier deals with the age old system of slavery under feudal society has now been brought out in a book form.Exploitation of human labour and the merciless atrocities on humanity is the main theme.The writer has failed to bring about any effort to change his lot by the suffering humanity. Is man only a silent expectator to bear like a dumb creature?
1(b)Kanaki-by Manipadma
This novelette was serialised in the Sona-Mati has been brought out in a book form now along with the author's work mentioned in 1(a) above.It depicts the post Independence renaissance among the down trodden ,Dalit s and economically backward landless labours.It advocates the Socalistic pattern of change of society as envisaged by Sarvodaya leaders.
2.Manikan-by Manipadma
It is the only collection of poems of the writer. His earlier epic Anang-Kusuma has also been brought out in the book form.The author mainly a novelist showed good start and promises in the genre of poetry also.

3.Dristikon by surendranath, Kisun Sankalpa lok,Supoul
This is a collection of critical essays on the problems faced by Maithili language.He provides the solution of these problems in his own ways.It depicts the scarcity of the children's literature.He also points out the depleted genre of citicism,problems of survival faced by Maithili magazines and periodicals. He also touches the problems of publishing and distribution of literature. He has assessed the writings of Yatri,Harimohan Jha(Graduate Putohu),Ramesh(samanantar), Taranand Viyogi (Atikraman)and Vibharani (Khohsan Niksait)
4..Phunagi Nilakash mein-Jeevakant,Kisun Sankalpa lok.
The book is dedicated to Hindi litterateur Nambar singh. The poet also gives his view on Bengali poets,Subhas Mukhopadhyay,Viplab manjhi and Punjabi poets Jagjit Barar,Devendra Kaur,Sohan Dhand,Iqbal Ramubalia,Jasbir singh Ahluvalia,Ambrish while describing the theme of violence in their poetry.
Unfortunately we donot find a single poem by himself which might be dealing with Violence!
5.Tumi Chir Sarathi by Taranand Viyogi ,This has been published as supplement of the periodical Mandan Bharati as independent book. The writer eulogises his mentor the renowned litterateur Yatri (Nagarjun).But more than that has written about himself and his views on modern Maithili writers and literature.It is for the first time a dalit's opinion on the elitist dominated Maithili has been expressed so frankly.The publisher deserves thanks to have brought out the book so courageously.Will the establishment encourage such writings and suitably reward the author?
6.Lalit Git Sangrah by Smt Lalita dutta,This is the collection of Folk songs sung on the occasion of contains 143 songs in Maithili and 25 songs in Hindi .Hindi songs indicate the decay of Maithili culture which is being replaced by Bolliwoods Hindi culture.Some of them are parody of songs of hindi film .Samdhik git shows satire,humour and pun and are entertaining.


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