Left Alliance set to form majority government in Nepal

Posted on: Thursday, Dec 28, 2017

His commitment amounted to surrendering Nepal’s dignity to India. The NC coaxed a few Madhesi leaders, who have been working as the “strategic agents” of southern neighbor, to hurt the majority of populace. Just ahead of the poll, the NC government had …

मिथिला एक्सप्रेस ट्रेन में चला चे¨कग अभियान, 19 धराए
दैनिक जागरण
हावड़ा से रक्सौल पहुंची मिथिला एक्सप्रेस ट्रेन में बुधवार को आरपीएफ व टीटीई द्वारा संयुक्त चे¨कग अभियान चलाया गया । मोतिहारी। हावड़ा से रक्सौल पहुंची मिथिला एक्सप्रेस ट्रेन में बुधवार को आरपीएफ व टीटीई द्वारा संयुक्त चे¨कग अभियान चलाया गया । इस दौरान विभिन्न एक्ट के तहत 19 लोगों को गिरफ्तार किया गया । आरपीएफ इंसपेक्टर राजकुमार ने बताया कि चौदह लोग साधारण टिकट पर स्लीपर में यात्रा कर रहे थे । वहीं पांच लोगों को रेल डिब्बा में गंदगी फैलाने को ले गिरफ्तार किया गया । सभी लोगों से जुर्माना की राशि वसूल कर छोड़ दिया गया । इंसपेक्टर ने बताया कि कुल दस हजार रुपए का राजस्व प्राप्त हुआ है । इस प्रकार का अभियान आगे भी जारी रहेगा ।अभियान के दौरान सब

Left Alliance wins Nepal’s elections

Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 27, 2017

The remaining seats have been divided among smaller parties, including the Federal Socialist Forum (FSP) and the Rashtriya Janatha Party (RJP), which claim to represent ethnic minorities, including the Madhesi and Janajati people. Having a total of 174 …

Many variants have emerged. Karn pointed to the tradition of the Likhiya genre of Mithila painting, which was created over mud walls of houses by every woman in the village on auspicious occasions such as marriage or festivals. They were created with the …

A writ petition was filed today at the Supreme Court, demanding proportional representation of Madhesi Dalits in provincial assemblies and the Parliament. The petition filed by Dalit rights activists has named the government, the Election Commission …

RJP-N leaders ask President to authenticate ordinance

Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 27, 2017

Madhesi leaders tell Bhandari their poll victory meant endorsement of their constitution amendment agenda Dec 27, 2017-Five leaders of the Rastriya Janata Party, Nepal have suggested President Bidya Devi Bhandari authenticate the ordinance on National …

BOX WHAT HAS BEEN DONE? Station wall of Madhubahi station in Samastipur division has been painted with Mithila art painting depicting old mythological characters from Ramayana. At Sawai Madhopur and Jodhpur stations, station wall has been painted with …

दैनिक जागरण

24 घंटे के अखंड हरिकीर्तन में उमड़े श्रद्धालु
दैनिक जागरण
आदित्यपुर : मिथिला संकीर्तन मंडली के तत्वाधान में आवासीय कॉलोनी 2 स्थित सात नंबर मैदान में मंगलवार को 24 घंटे के अखंड हरिकीर्तन की शुरुआत हुई। इसमें दो दर्जन से अधिक मंडली हिस्सा ले रहीं हैं। इसमें बड़ी संख्या में लोगों ने शिरकत की। इसका समापन बुधवार को होगा। मिथिला संकीर्तन मंडली हर साल हरिकीर्तन का आयोजन करती है। इस मौके पर निश्शुल्क जांच शिविर का भी आयोजन किया गया है, जिसमें डॉ. जेके गांगुली ने लोगों की निश्शुल्क स्वास्थ्य जांच की। कार्यक्रम को सफल बनाने में पंकज ठाकुर, त्रिलोक मिश्रा, विनोद कुमार, दिवाकर झा, रामाकांत झा, राधाकांत ठाकुर, समाजसेवी रंजीत मिश्रा, विभाष चौधरी का अहम योगदान रहा। By Jagran. मोबाइल पर भी अपनी पसंदीदा खबरें

China’s Moment in Nepal: Implications for India

Posted on: Tuesday, Dec 26, 2017

The constitution-making process has been equally tortuous, with the eventual promulgation of a new document in 2015 leading to the mobilization of the Madhesi groups in the Terai region against what they perceived to be a discriminatory document.

Things began to take an ugly turn when Nepal announced a new Constitution that gave less than adequate powers to ethnic groups such as the Madhesi people in the country’s Terai region. Consequently, Madhesi protesters’ blockade stopped all essential …

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About Mithila

Mithila is an ancient cultural region of South Nepal and North India lying between the lower ranges of the Himalayas and the Ganges River. The Nepal border cuts across the top fringe of this region. The Gandak and Kosi Rivers are rough western and eastern boundaries of Mithila. The Ramayana records a dynastic marriage between Prince Rama of Ayodhya and Sita, the daughter of Raja Janak of Mithila. The town of Janakpur, in the northern Nepali section of Mithila, is believed to be Janak's old capital.