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So what is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda anyway?

Posted on: Saturday, Feb 24, 2018

Welcome to our new RFI Listeners Club members! Vakindu Philliam from Kampala, Uganda; Mithila Yeasmin from the Wave Surfers Association in Rajshahi, Bangladesh; Subha Biswas from Murshidabad, India; Benson Mutoko from Nairobi, Kenya; Kimera Isadore from …

It’s a wrap for Irrfan’s ‘Karwan’

Posted on: Saturday, Feb 24, 2018

It’s a wrap for the team of ‘Karwan’, which stars Irrfan Khan, Dulquer Salmaan, Mithila Palkar and Kriti Kharbanda. The film is based on a road trip.

दैनिक जागरण मिथिला पें¨टग से संवरने लगे स्टेशन व ट्रेनदैनिक जागरणमिथिला पें¨टग की अपनी अलग पहचान है। यही वजह है कि देश-विदेश में इस कला की ख्याति है। इससे प्रभावित होकर रेलवे ने भी अपने स्टेशनों व ट्रेनों में मिथिला पें¨टग उकेड़ कर सौंदर्यीकरण की दिशा में काम करना शुरू कर दिया है। ²श्य को […]

BBC हिंदी मेरे घर पर पुलिस भेजी, अमित शाह से पूछताछ कब: अरविंद केजरीवालBBC हिंदीदिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री अरविंद केजरीवाल ने एक बार फिर केंद्र सरकार की मंशा पर सवाल उठाते हुए जज लोया केस में छानबीन की मांग की है. अपने घर में जारी सर्च ऑपरेशन का जिक्र करते हुए केजरीवाल ने ट्विटर पर लिखा, […]

Oli and Dahal form a formidable team

Posted on: Friday, Feb 23, 2018

Politically speaking, Prachanda brings to Oli a broad swathe of constituencies—the Madhesi, Janajati, Dalits, the marginalized groups that have traditionally been the Maoist base. The Madhes-based parties once considered boycotting the local elections …

In March, five protesters were killed and 16 others injured when police used firearms to disperse Madhesi protesters in Saptari district. — HNS

Reach out to Nepal, Bhutan

Posted on: Thursday, Feb 22, 2018

more so after the Narendra Modi government gave him little comfort on the Madhesi issue during the Constitution-making in Nepal in 2015, when he was last PM. Mr Oli’s statements on taking office were certainly not intended to soothe nerves in India.

And at one point they had to stop the shoot to let the traffic pass and taking advantage of that some fans came up to the bridge to click Dulquer and Irrfan. The slice-of-life road movie also has internet sensation Mithila Palkar.

Oli, 65, who had served as Nepal’s prime minister from October 11, 2015 to August 3, 2016, was forced to resign following a political crisis in the Himalayan nation over the Madhesi issue. Madhesis, mostly of Indian-origin had been demanding amendment of …

Author Spotlight: Ashok K. Banker

Posted on: Thursday, Feb 22, 2018

Siege of Mithila), Philosophy, etc. It was so successful, it spawned a category of Mythology which is now the biggest selling category in Indian publishing, with hundreds of authors and thousands of books following. Which themes do you find yourself …

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