Deuba promises amendment, Koshi high dam

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017

The bill will once again be put to vote in parliament after the local elections. NC is committed to fulfilling the demands of the Madhesi communities,” Deuba told voters while making his pitch for the party. He claimed that NC was the only party that has …

About Mithila

Mithila is an ancient cultural region of South Nepal and North India lying between the lower ranges of the Himalayas and the Ganges River. The Nepal border cuts across the top fringe of this region. The Gandak and Kosi Rivers are rough western and eastern boundaries of Mithila. The Ramayana records a dynastic marriage between Prince Rama of Ayodhya and Sita, the daughter of Raja Janak of Mithila. The town of Janakpur, in the northern Nepali section of Mithila, is believed to be Janak's old capital.